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There isn't another concrete drilling attachment tool like this available! Our revolutionary, patented concrete hammer drill attachment may increase productivity while maintaining quality and improving safety management. With the durable BackSaver, your company can benefit by:

  • Providing for higher quality job results with more consistent level drilling
  • Operating more cost effectively with an increase in productivity due to the application of more pressure and use of less energy
  • Potentially assisting in preventing back injury claims, considering user stands while drilling
  • Allowing for a safer environment by way of distancing user from dangerous silica dust.
  • Helping protect against occupational hazards by aiding in absorbing harmful vibrations generated by the hammer drill

Backsaver Hammer Drill Attachment

(Drill not included) Free Shipping in the Continental US
Dewalt adapter included

NEW - Now fits Bosch brand drill with new adapter

Backsaver Hammer Drill Attachment

(Drill not included) Free Shipping in the Continental US
Bosch adapter included
*Fits SDS Max Model #RH540M 1 9/16” & Spline Model #RH540S 1 9/16”

Dewalt Adapter Only

Shipping included in the Continental US

Bosch Adapter Only

Shipping included in the Continental US
Normally ships in 5 to 7 busines days
Coming Soon
BackSaver H – designed to fit Hilti model drills
Patent# for BackSaver 7617885
Patent pending# for adapter 15/333,366

Backsaver was the winner of the 2016 Most Innovative Product at the World of Concrete.

Drilling into concrete slab
Traditional drilling method versus Backsaver attachment tool
Level drilling
Full view in use
Anchor points
Backsaver on jobsite
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BackSaver models

Now compatible with even more Dewalt drill models and with two models of Bosch drill models!

BackSaver attaches to the following drill models:
SDS Max Rotary Hammers:

Dewalt Model# D25501K – 1 9/16"

Dewalt Model# D25601K – 1 3/4"

Dewalt Model# D25602K – 1 3/4"

Dewalt Model# D25603K – 1 3/4"

Dewalt *Model# D25701K – 1 7/8"

Dewalt *Model# D25721K – 1 7/8"

Dewalt *Model# D25723K – 1 7/8"

Dewalt *Model# D25761K – 2"

Dewalt *Model# D25762K – 2"

Dewalt *Model# D25763K – 2"

Bosch *Model# RH540M – 1 9/16”

Spline Rotary Hammer:

Dewalt Model# D25553K – 1 9/16"

Dewalt Model# D25651K – 1 3/4"

Bosch Model# RH540S – 1 9/16”

*these models require an Adapter