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Q: What drills does BackSaver fit on?

They will work with the Dewalt, Bosch, and Hilti hammer drills. There is a list of models on the website with which the BackSaver will work. The list is located on the Home page, at the bottom of the page, and under the Buy Now page at the bottom of the brand of drill you would be purchasing for. The drill is not included in the purchase of the BackSaver.

Q: If the drill hits rebar, will it twist your arm?

With a firm grip on the BackSaver, you will have the leverage you need and the drill will stop rather than twisting so abruptly.

Q: Does the BackSaver come with a hammer drill?

The hammer drills are sold separately. They are readily available at local contractor suppliers and online. We do not sell any type of hammer drill.

Q: How do I buy a BackSaver?

You can go to to the home page and there will be a link to buy online or call the number listed on the website. You can also purchase BackSaver from a list of Dealers located on the “Dealers” page on this website.

Q: What is the purpose of this invention?

The product was invented by an individual who works daily in the concrete industry. It was created to relieve the back breaking task when drilling into concrete the traditional way, on your knees, and to help absorb harmful vibrations generated by the hammer drill.

Q: Does the attachment break easily?

The BackSavers are very durable. They also have a safety yellow powder coated finish. They are able to handle daily construction abuse. Occasionally a cable could twist or a lever will break; both of which are easy fixes. We have replacement part kits available for purchase through the website.

Q: Why do I need a BackSaver if I have an EZdrill?

EZdrills are very useful. The advantage to BackSaver is it is light weight, portable, able to maneuver into tighter spaces, does not require an air compressor, it is convenient and it is reasonably priced.

Q: Is the BackSaver American made?

We are proud to live and work in America. We have made a concentrated effort to keep the assembly and manufacturing in the United States. All assembly and most of the manufacturing is completed in the United States, with only minimal parts being outsourced.

Q: What are the advantages of the BackSaver?
It requires less energy when drilling while permitting application of more pressure.
It allows for easier, faster and more consistent level drilling.
It increases productivity.
It helps absorb harmful vibrations generated from the hammer drill.
It assists in prevention of back injuries.